Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing refers to the use of online shared networks to access different applications, to store all essential data and to operate the complete system from anywhere through any device.

In the layman term, Cloud Computing provides an online network that allows you to create a whole dedicated system with all required applications, storage space and shared network. Through Cloud Computing we can easily access our files or applications from anywhere.

Cloud Computing or in simple “the Cloud” is nothing but just an internet based shared computing. It can be public, private or hybrid.

Local Computing vs. Cloud Computing

This is required that we should understand what differs Local and cloud based computing. As we are highly addicted to our local systems either it is a desktop or laptop, thus we can easily understand the term local computing.

Local Computing is a set of different electronic devices that are connected through a local server and allows us to use it locally i.e. not remotely. In Local Computing (usually Desktop or Laptop), we are limited. We aren’t able to use our applications, documents or any other specified file without having our device with us.

Cloud Computing is a new version of online networking. Where in Local Computing, we use a separate device associated with us. There in the Cloud, we have a separate network that allows us to use a dedicated or shared network through authorized access.

In this kind of Computing, we can assemble our required configuration on the internet based dedicated network.

How it works?

The term Cloud Computing was coined in the early 1950s, but it appears in its actual form in the year 1996. It gained popularity in the year 2006, when announced the first ever Elastic Computer Cloud.

Through Cloud Computing, the execution of applications is going to be so easy. As it allows us to operate the system from anywhere, we are now able to access our stored files from any place. What we need is an internet connection.

In Cloud Computing, Hosting firms provide a space on their cloud networks just like the hard disk of Local systems. In that space, we can boot an operating system and install different applications to access different kind of files (text, audio, video, etc.).

We can operate this cloud system from anywhere through any device. To access our files online, we need an authorized password (that we fixes at the startup).


After a great revolution, the term cloud computing appears in its modern form. It derives from the early 1950s and appears in the year of 1996, after the introduction of the internet in 1994. Till 2006, it was just a myth, but after the announcement of Amazon’s Elastic Cloud, it gained popularity.

It leveled up the use of the internet in this digital era and allows us to operate our files from anywhere through any internet device just like our local systems.