Linux Web Hosting Vs Windows Web Hosting

While deciding the appropriate hosting service two names appear in mind namely Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. Both of them are quite different from each other with Linux being open source and Windows owned by Microsoft. If we think about deciding the superiority of any web hosting we may have to discuss about various factors such as the security, reliability, performance, cost and technologies supported.

Server Access and Security: Both Linux and Windows allow you to access your web server through FTP, but Linux is more secure and convenient. Particularly when you try to access your server through SSH or Telnet SSH, Linux is far better than Windows. Though Windows also allow SSH services, it runs much slower in comparison to its counterpart. One point goes to Linux.

Technologies Supported – PHP: PHP was mainly developed for Linux and thus works the best when run on Linux. You may also use this scripting language with Windows but you may have to face a lot of issues such as slower speed and bugs. Perhaps this is the reason LAMP is more popular than WAMP.

Technology Supported – Windows Technology: Windows also have a number of technologies that works fine enough, other than PHP. FrontPage, ASP and .Net are Microsoft products that are mainly designed for Windows. The only concern that appears is while using these technologies you are restricted to use Windows.

Technology Supported – Databases: Two of the most popular databases are MySQL and Access. Being the Microsoft Flagship, Access is highly capable with Windows hosting but it is much slower than MySQL. On the other hand, MySQL works great with both Windows and Linux. MySQL is much more popular than Access due to its simplicity and better performance. Any developer would never choose Access over MySQL until it’s clearly specified. Summary: MySQL works much better with Linux.

Reliability: Linux is considered highly reliable when it comes to specifying it in terms of uptime. Still it is no match with Windows hosting. When it comes to reliability and uptime Windows is much better than its opponent. Perhaps this is the reason why most of the e-commerce websites run on Windows hosting.

Price: Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows and due to this reason, most of the webmasters prefer buying this hosting. In fact, it costs around one-third to Windows hosting.

Bottom Line: Clearly, deciding the better hosting service entirely depends upon your needs and specifications. Windows is expensive but offers better reliability, whereas Linux has some qualities which are used very often. In fact, most of the people using Linux hosting hardly moves to Windows and those who are fond of Microsoft technologies stick to Windows hosting. But according to criteria discussed above, and keeping the common business owner in mind, Linux hosting wins the race.  When we compare the popularity of these services as service providers, most of the hosting providers out in the business deal in Linux web hosting.
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