Why Enterprises Need Dedicated Servers

Out of the different hosting available out there, dedicated server remains at the top of priority for enterprises. Considering their concern about security and need of higher space, they need a server which does not only keeps them assured about data privacy but also keeps their website running without any downtime. These features can be easily achieved with dedicated servers.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

As the name suggests, a dedicated server is allotted dedicatedly to your website only. Unlike the shared hosting plans where you share your account with other hosting accounts, a dedicated server lets you remain alone on your server, eliminating the biggest concern of data theft. Together with that, a dedicated server is powerful enough to handle massive amount of data and traffic to your website and ensures your website is up for eternity.

Depending upon their requirements and budgets, enterprises should choose dedicated servers if they need following features:


Though, most of the shared hosting plans are also very reliable, but they are no comparison with a dedicated server. The main reason behind this is a shared server hosts different websites of different capacities, and one of those websites may use more resources than others. In such, other websites hosted on the same server may have to face several performance issues and may go down. This issue is known as bandwidth problem, which nowhere exists in a dedicated server.

Administrative Access:

In case of shared hosting, the hosting company keeps the administrative access with them because they have many more websites shared on the same server. This limits you from accessing your website with entire rights. While in case of a dedicated server hosting, you have the entire administrative access and can install custom programs and configurations as per your needs.

Advanced Technical Support:

Hosting companies always give higher priorities to their clients with dedicated servers when it comes to technical support. If you are with a shared plan, chances are always there that you do not get the technical support immediately. Considering the importance of your website for your business, a downtime of several hours may impact your business badly. A dedicated server plan allows you to get the required support in time and keep your website live.

Safe Storage:

Safety is indeed the biggest feature of dedicated servers, because you are the only member residing on the server. There will be no one tempering or misusing your important data. Other than that, the shared hosting servers are kept with the hosting companies where there is a chance of any environmental effect on the systems. A dedicated server remains in your office, and lets you prevent your system from moisture, fire, or any other environmental impact.


A shared hosting will never allow you to customise the server as per your choice, because there are many more members in the family. With a dedicated server, you can customise your server as per your wish. If you want it to be a fully mail server, you can do that. You want to manage a database? No problem. A dedicated server works as you want.


No need to mention that a server with a single website running on it will perform much better than those managing dozens of websites. The bandwidth remains in control, data usage remains in control, and no one can take over your privilege. Performance is at its best with a dedicated server.

If above mentioned are your requirements, a dedicated server is what you need. Thousands of enterprises across the world prefer a dedicated hosting plan, and there has to be something special if they are spending lot on buying a dedicated server.