Email Marketing

Who we are?

We are profound email marketing – mass mail server provider in Dubai, UAE. We have everything that you need to grow your marketing campaigns and the business in terms of revenue and clientele. Our email marketing system is highly reliable, scalable, easy to use, recommendable and economic as well.

Why We?

By using promotional email marketing (mass mail) services of Jasper Micron; business firms can:

Effective email marketing

Filter invalid email accounts

Tracked email campaigns.

Filters bounced email messages

Manage auto un-subscription.

More than that, at Jasper Micron, we provide graphical reporting view of up to date results of every campaign. You can schedule your email promotion campaign for specific date also. If you are interested in our email marketing plans, you can contact us through phone call or online enquiry form.

What we have?

We have VPS and dedicated mass mail servers.

We have most trusted email marketing services with full reporting system.

We have valid email database and dozens of email templates that are in accordance with our system rules.

We have amazingly constructed flexible plans that include numbers of outgoing emails (relays) per month.

We have an included feature of graphical reporting system and many-many more.

We have an included system monitor feature that monitors your email templates and gives you the SPAM rating.

What is Email Marketing?

Email connects you with people and gives you an option to explain your thoughts directly. With such a prominent and trending way to reach the targeted audience and make out the promotions more effective, business firms should adopt this marketing trend which is called Email Marketing. Email Marketing is a promotional tactic that allows a business entity to send different kind of promotions, invitations or offer emails directly to their target audience groups and email marketing software helps you to recognize your audience’s reaction, so you can plan your next marketing move with more efficiency.